Our proven Internet of Things platform as the basis for numerous innovative hardware and software services.

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Our multi-functional IoT platform provides always/everywhere connectivity and intelligence for green and sustainable solutions. The cloud platform also covers all recently requirements for charging station management and standardized interfaces for e-mobility services.

The edge computing approach optimizes IoT devices by bringing data processing closer to the data source, minimizing the need for long-distance communication.

Our Connected Vehicle solution includes local in-vehicle data processing capabilities, sophisticated event rules, and cloud-based data processing and storage.

Measure and collect data from smart devices such as smart meters or edge devices capable of machine learning and control.

Acquisition of environmental and weather data such as temperature, volume, lighting, pollutant emissions and determination of the Air Quality Index.

We developing intelligent platform services to support V2G/V2H applications as well as power grid-side frequency stabilization, reactive power compensation, peak-shaving or energy re-dispatch.


Our well thought-out AC charging station with an integrated type 2 socket offers you full flexibility, as the corresponding Mode 3 charging cable can be connected as and when required. Optionally for instance domestic or semi-business use the charging cable also is permanently attached. A Variant equipped with dual socket with integrated load-sharing as an option is available as well.

The charging station is characterized by an elegant design and is suitable for indoor and robust outdoor use.

Easy authentication by RFID or via App where the charging station is located in a public or semi-public space. Further supports secure and comfort authentication via Plug & Charge feature.

LCD screen displays the charging data and gives information about charging operation in case of failure. A LED indicates the current charging status. The station operation is controllable additionally via a manual button. The charging station is configurable easily by smart phone.

Internal energy metering to settle consumed power or by MID-energy meter (calibration compliant meter) in case of legal billing.

Smart charging is an umbrella term that defines all intelligent functionalities that optimize the charging infrastructure by efficiently and flexibly distributing the available power.

  • The energy load management considers minimal grid connections by managing energy when several charging stations work simultaneously. Hence, the power can be regulated as in a virtual power plant.

  • Instantly / Timer-Charging plans adjustable individually for each charging points.

  • Electricity price based charging in case of tariff models that combine different electricity price levels, depending on time or load.

  • Solar-optimized charging plans are based on a combined system of grid-connected or decentralized photovoltaic modules and battery storage. In this way, local grid overloads can be avoided and an optimized usage of clean energy will be guaranteed.

  • Support of bidirectional charging to become energy self-sufficient or transfer excess energy back to the grid. Hence, this special form of charging helps for balancing and calming down local or regional supply networks on a larger scale.

Support home automation standards to control of external consumers and actuators. For this reason, a home energy management system is integrated.

Before an electrical vehicle can be charged, it should first be ensured that charging system is free of insulation faults. Therefore a protective and monitoring device RCD Type B for for suitable protection of different forms of residual current in is integrated.

Support of various field on standards and protocols in charging communication such as ISO15118 or OCPP.


The AI-Charge Mobile & Web App for End-users consists basically everything EV drivers need for charging. The cross-platform mobile app is supporting Android as well as Apple IOS.

With smart charging the charging speed and time can be adjusted intelligent to the available power or to the needs of the vehicle owner.

Find charging stations with a simple search, providing data about real-time availability, pricing, and other useful information.

High sophisticated range determination by tailored EV routing algorithm against range anxiety..

Integrated smart energy management functions allow you monitor and optimize energy consumption or gives information about your home automation.

Use the car infotainment for visualizing and control of your smart charging functions.

Get information about your charging and driving history.